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Top 8 Asian cosmetic products for a light makeup

As the winter winds are slowly starting to blow in Ukraine, it is high time to buy a warm scarf, get restocked with cocoa, apply light makeup to go on a date, or go to a cozy cafe and enjoy time alone.

You don’t need to do research to find inspiration for this kind of makeup. All you need is to find and subscribe to a couple of makeup bloggers. For me, the ideal makeup is a Korean one as it is minimalistic and simple. Most often, you need only a BB cream and eyebrow shadows.

JMsolution Centella Care Cleansing Foam |Photo: Viktoriia Holovach

Soothing foam with Centella JMsolution Centella Care Cleansing Foam

This product is based on the healing extract of Asian Centella, which soothes skin, reduces redness, and protects it. In addition, hyaluronic acid in the composition prevents skin dryness after washing.

I have been using the foam for three months now, and I can say that it removes the daily dirt, skin oil, and makeup remains. The skin after it is clean and pleasant to the touch. This cleansing foam is suitable for problematic and irritated skin. You can use it twice a day in the morning and the evening throughout the year.

Village 11 Factory T Skin Formula |Photo: Viktoriia Holovach

Toner that even out your skin tone of Village 11 Factory T Skin Formula

After cleansing the skin, do not forget about the toner. Niacinamide is the composition that synthesizes natural collagen in cells and fights pigmentation. Ceramides slow down the aging process of the dermis and restore the water-fat balance of the skin. Using this product regularly promises to restore the epidermis, lighten dark spots from post-acne, even out the tone, and eliminate puffiness.

The toner is suitable for all skin types. As I had mentioned earlier, it contains Bifidobacteria, Glutathione, Ceramides, Coconut Water, Lactobacilli, and Niacinamide.

Holika Holika |Photo: Viktoriia Holovach

Moisturizing gel with Aloe 99% Holika Holika

You can use it for face and body skin and hair care by buying a multifunctional gel. A light watery texture deeply moisturizes tones and refreshes. It also relieves irritation, cleans pores, and exfoliates dead cells.

Useful components:

  • Cucumber extract fights inflammation and cleanses the skin surface.
  • Lotus extract removes pigmentation and blackheads. It is recommended for use in the morning and evening, regardless of the season.
SPF50+ / PA+++ Missha M Perfect Blanc Vanilla BB |Photo: Viktoriia Holovach

Perfect coverage SPF50 + / PA ++++ Missha M Perfect Blanc Vanilla BB

BB cream has a delicate texture easily distributed on the face and significantly covers darkening or pigmentation. It contains natural extracts of honey, apples, and sunflower oil, which moisturize the epidermis and nourish it with valuable microelements. As I had mentioned above, the cream has a sunscreen SPF 50 + / PA +++. Many people forget about its importance, but it is essential to preserve the youth and health of the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

A’pieu Shaping Brow Gel Kit |Photo: Viktoriia Holovach

A’pieu Shaping Brow Gel Kit

I have tried all the methods to make eyebrows beautiful and natural at home, from eyebrow pencil to henna dyeing, I decided on this set. This is an easy-to-use eyebrow product with a gel texture and remains stable for a long. By the way, because there are two colors: lighter and darker – it creates a natural effect on the eyebrows.

Missha The Style 3D Mascara |Photo: Viktoriia Holovach

Mascara with triple effect Missha The Style 3D Mascara

The brush with short bristles will allow you to put a product qualitatively on eyelashes without superfluous lumps and twist them in the necessary measure. The mascara gives the essential volume and fixation thanks to the creamy texture.

Missha Modern Shadow Dali Ruby |Photo: Viktoriia Holovach

Compact eyeshadows Missha Modern Shadow Dali Ruby

The texture of the shadows is silky and soft, so the product is light on the eyelid and perfectly shaded. In contrast to regular shadows, these contain natural ingredients that do not over dry the eyelid and give smoothness because of floral extracts, coconut oil, and pearl powder. The significant advantage of this series is that they do not crumble.

Missha Poptastic Jelly Tint Club Red |Photo: Viktoriia Holovach

Missha Poptastic Jelly Tint Club Red

At the end of this light makeup, it is crucial to make a bright accent on the lips. This tint promises the stability of the shade for the whole day and the effect of “kissed lips”. The main idea of Korean makeup is to create a natural look.

It is better to postpone bright summer shades as far as possible in the cold season and think about the skin condition. After all, it is worth thinking about using a day cream with SPF protection.

Now you are ready to go on a date!

Journalist Viktoriia Holovach, English translation by Anastasiia Malakhova

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