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How to annoy a neighbor in “New World?”

If you’ve ever wondered how wonderful it would be to spend a couple of days on an island away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to sit on the terrace until dawn and meet a new day listening to the birds singing – this Korean reality show is for you! For six days, the participants of the “New World” TV show (kor. 신세계 로부터) are on an island from which you can get out only after passing all the tests. Will they be able to leave in full force and maintain friendly relations, or will the intrigues they have to weave undermine their trust in people forever?

Six Korean celebrities were invited to participate in the show: 2 women and 4 men. Actor Lee Seung-gi (“A Korean Odyssey”, “My Girlfriend is Gumiho”), singer Kai (“EXO”, “Super M”), actress Jo Bo-ah (“Tale of the Nine Tailed”, “My Strange Hero”), singer Eun Ji-won (“Sechs Kies”), singer Kim Hee-chul (“Super Junior”), comedian Park Na-rae (“Gamsung Camping”, “The House Detox”).

Source: Netflix / Photo: Anastasiia Malakhova

Throughout the project, we have a unique opportunity not only to observe the development of relations between the participants but also to get absolute pleasure from the picturesque area of the island of Oedo (cor. 외도), located in the Yellow Sea. The island is famous for its seaside botanical garden in the Western style, with many ancient sculptures and more than 3,000 species of plants.

Source: Netflix / Photo: Anastasiia Malakhova

“New World” is a utopian version of the ideal place to live. Before the filming started, a house had been equipped for each participant based on their wishes. Watching the house’s choice of style and design was pretty interesting because they can tell a lot about a person’s personality and character. In “New World”, participants have to develop strategies and sabotage each other to earn virtual currency – nyang. They can buy magic items in the Mystery Shop and, after the show, convert the earned money into real South Korean currency – won (원).

The main helper and the only reliable source of information is “Holo” – a hologram of artificial intelligence, which monitors the order on the island and has all the information about the project participants.

Source: Netflix / Photo: Anastasiia Malakhova

For eight episodes, we watch the composition of the teams’ change, who is pro in bluffing, and who is lucky in the lottery. Arriving on the island being famous people, some completely changed their image and became members of “The Poor” team. They had no option but to ask others to buy them food, and some even began to forge a driver on call. Other members were able to increase their financial balance. Does it remain to be seen whether for a long time? Unusual situations always occur on the island. For instance, a meteorite falls at night, and those who find it in a short time will be able to improve their financial situation by 800,000 nyangs. The task’s difficulty is that the meteorite loses its magical power if it does not recharge in a particular time. Will the participants be able to unite for one goal, or will they continue to put a spoke in their rivals’ wheel? As a result, will they receive a useless stone instead of a magic object?

Monopoly is a game in which you need to have a fresh look at things, not jump to conclusions, and not be afraid to take risks. All participants in the TV show are creative people. However, will they be able to act gradually if their honor and bank account are at stake? One of the final tests on the project was the task “Mermaid’s descendants”. In order to leave the island, the participants had to come together and work together to solve puzzles, as well as answer the riddles of the octopus-keeper of the mermaid’s pearl tears. That day became a “litmus paper” for everyone because in case of the team’s defeat, after each test, it is necessary to collectively exclude one participant who, in the opinion of the majority, was the cause of loss.

Source: Netflix / Photo: Anastasiia Malakhova

“The happiness of the majority is more important than the happiness of one person” – the slogan of life in the “New World”. Will the participants be able to achieve happiness altogether, or will it be a complete failure for someone?

Author Anastasiia Malakhova